Conveyor system design and use
TLV was given the task of removing soil and debris from an interior basement with no outside access. Our design team came up with a conveyor system that completed the task and saved the property owner money by not having to open an access to that area.
Underground pressure regulating system
A pond was constructed that had ground water pressure at extreme levels. To eliminate this a sub drainage system was built to relieve pressure as the pond adjusted to desired levels.
Staking budget
When a client had trouble with the availability of surveyors to keep up with the job. Our design team used our CAD database to map the site and build it with low impact surveying using the GPS system to reduce building costs.
Water line upgrades
A bid was out to upgrade a water system. Due to the water line being in the street the job would have involved open cut of the roadway for 4000 ft including open cut of a major roadway. Or design team came up with a system of boring and fastening to complete all the fire hydrant and service line hookups with low impact to the existing environment.